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City Cemetery Information

The City Council establishes the fees for cemetery-related items. Periodically, these fees are reviewed and may be subject to change without notice.

You may refer to the City Code of Ordinances, Chapter 22, (Cemeteries) for the City's Cemetery Rules and Regulations and General Information or click here to print a copy of the Cemetery Rules

Purchase of Burial Rights

Non-Resident: $ 1,050.00 per space

Resident/Taxpayer: $ 460.00 per space

Grave Opening/Closing

Opening $ 360.00

Cremation Burial $ 160.00

Infant Grave Opening $100.00 (Note: Infant rate applies for a casket 14"x20" or less in size)

Additional fee if after 2:30 PM: $175.00

Additional fee if on Saturday: $ 200.00

Burials are not available on Sunday or on holidays observed by the City.

Miscellaneous Fees

Space Transfer Fee: $ 36.00

Foundations: $ 0.80 per square inch

Shrub Removal: No Charge

Burial rights for cemetery spaces may be purchased in two ways

  • Direct Sale - purchaser pays the full amount owing for the desired space(s)
  • Time Payment Plan - Purchaser signs an Agreement with the City to pay the full amount within 180 Days of the Agreement date (a minimum payment of 25% of the total purchase price is required at the time of signing the Agreement).

Cemetery Decorations

When preparing to decorate grave sites, please keep the following regulations in mind:

  • Flowers may be placed at grave sites either in-ground or in non-glass urns. Urns may only be placed on the north or south edge of the grave monument or marker. They may not be placed in front of a monument or marker.
  • Prohibited decorations include: arches, trellises, chains, tripods, fences, railings, curbs, bird baths, sundials, steps and wood structures. The use of glass or ceramic containers is prohibited.
  • Landscape rocks including marble chips, washed stone and lava rock are prohibited.
  • Trees and shrubs may be planted on grave sites with advance approval from the City.
  • All winter decorations must be removed from grave sites at the DeWitt City Cemetery by April 1 of each year and summer decorations by November 1st. Summer and winter decorations not removed by these dates will be removed by the City personnel and discarded.

The City reserves the right to remove any prohibited item without prior notice. Direct any questions to or call Lisa Grysen, City Clerk-Treasurer at 517-669-2441.

Cemetery Plantings

Before you place any materials in the cemetery, please review the graveside planting information below as to planting location and permissible plants. If you have any further questions regarding the Cemetery, please contact the City Clerk. There are specific rules that govern planting locations.

If you need additional information about the DeWitt City Cemetery, please contact the City Clerk at (517) 669-2441.

Graveside Planting Information

The City Council has adopted a policy addressing the planting of plant material on gravesites at the cemetery.

Prohibited Plant Materials of the following types


Alder Catalpa Tree of Heaven
Ash (Fraxinus) Cottonwood Willow, weeping
Birch, paper Elm, Siberia Willow, all other species
Black Locust Maple, silver
Boxelder Mulberry
Buckthorn Poplars

Shrubs and Bushes

Lilac Viburnum
Forsythia Spirea Japanese Quince
Honeysuckle Fire Thorn Pussy Willow
Butterfly Bush Hydrangea Euonymous
Mock Orange

Plant Material

Roses Trumpet Vine

General Planting Rules:

  • Permission must be secured from the Cemetery Sexton prior to planting non-prohibited trees, shrubs/bushes or other plant material.
  • Shrubs/bushes planted must align with the north or south edge of the monument or marker. The City encourages the use of Japanese Yews, Dwarf Cyprus, Mugo Pine and Dwarf White Spruce.
  • Due to the lot configuration and lot size in Sections I and J, the planting of trees, shrubs and bushes is only permitted by the City.

Note: The adoption of this prohibited plant material list will not result in the immediate removal of plant material that may exist at the Cemetery prior to the adoption of this listing.

If you need additional information about the DeWitt City Cemetery, please contact the City Clerk or Cemetery Sexton at (517) 669-2441.