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Parks 5-Year Master Plan:

Our goals are based on the initial philosophy adopted by the City in the 1979 Comprehensive Plan. This plan has remained the guiding principle in the continued development of recreational opportunities for residents of the City of DeWitt.

As quoted from the 1979 Comprehensive Plan

"The key work in defining the Park and Recreation Board's philosophy toward DeWitt's park system is realism.

Activities and facilities will be provided for all of DeWitt's residents; young, middle-aged, senior citizens, men, women, and all socioeconomic groups.

Facilities will be balanced between active facilities such as ballfields, and passive facilities such as trails and picnic areas. Parks will be geographically balanced throughout the community, in so far as it is realistic, so that recreational space of some form is within walking distance from any home in DeWitt.

A hierarchy of parks, from tot-lots to community-wide parks, will be developed to provide the range of activities that the City of DeWitt requires.

In essence, the guiding philosophy realism, encouraged revitalization of existing parks and new acquisition and development to satisfy not just one, but all areas of demand."

Download the 5yr Master Plan document.