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City of DeWitt Police Department:

The City of DeWitt operates a 24-hour Department with a staff of six full-time sworn officers which include a Chief, a Lieutenant and six part-time officers and an Administrative Assistant.

Our Department is proud of being a community-oriented agency, still performing many of the services long since abandoned by larger, busier departments. Like many small communities near metropolitan hubs, the DeWitt Police Department's first line of defense against the encroachment of criminal activity is an ongoing and aggressive program of preventive patrol, 24 hours a day.

Whether on foot, in a patrol car or on a bicycle, the Department takes pride in the fact that officers are supplied and trained with the finest vehicles and equipment made, and we expect that contact between a Police Officer and a resident will be professional and pleasant.

Contact Information:


Police Department Location:
Phone Numbers:
414 E. Main Street
Police Department: (517) 669-9131
DeWitt, MI 48820 Fax Number: (517) 669-9018

Email: dewittpd@dewittmi.org

Clinton County Central Dispatch:

(989) 224-6792 or in Clinton County: 9-1-1
(911 is for both emergencies and non-emergencies)


A VACATION HOUSE CHECK is a service provided by the City of DeWitt Police Department.

This service is offered to the residents of this community that live within the City of DeWitt Police jurisdiction. This service is provided for your peace of mind when you will be away from your home for an extended period of time. Police will check the house for any signs of suspicious activity such as open doors, broken windows or other suspicious changes. It is important to note that while you are away that in the winter, sidewalks and driveways must be maintained for easy access to the home. If your plans change and you return home ahead of schedule, please notify the City of DeWitt Police Department at (517) 669-9131 so that home security can be stopped. 




Cooking/Campfires are permitted for everyone; no permit needed. Must be NO larger than 4 feet in diameter and 3 feet in height. Any burning shall occur at 25 feet from any structure and property line and shall be at the rear of property away from any roadway and sidewalk, unless the fire is in an above ground commercially manufactured fire receptacle not modified from its original purpose, or in a masonry fireplace made for outdoor burning.  All fires must be out by Midnight, no burning from Midnight to 6 a.m. Only clean firewood free of leaves may be burned.  Must be supervised by an adult at all times. No fires if wind speed exceeds 10 mph.

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The following parking laws are in place within the City boundaries:

No parking on any street in the City of DeWitt from 2 am - 6 am

No parking exceeding the posted two-hour limit in the downtown district

No double parking

No parking on a sidewalk or crosswalk

No parking in front of a driveway

No parking shall obstruct traffic

You must park at the prescribed angle

No parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant

No parking within 30 feet of a stop sign

No parking in a posted no-parking zone

No parking facing oncoming traffic (left wheel to curb)

No parking in the front yard, or on a corner lot in front or side yard

Parking fines are $10.00 and must be paid within 5 business days. Fines for unpaid parking tickets that are turned over to $40 or more. Any unpaid parking tickets could result in a warrant for your arrest if notices to pay or show cause are ignored.