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A bulk item is a large item that does not easily fit in your cart, such as an appliance or piece of furniture. No tires please! Anything with Freon must be paid to Granger in advance.  Call Granger to arrange payment for Freon at 517-372-2800.

Granger has a side-arm loading system and it may be difficult for your large item to be picked up the same day as your trash.  If your item is too big or too bulky a separate truck will be sent out the next day to pick it up. Please leave the item street side.

SPECIAL BULK GLASS ITEMS:  Patio doors, mirrors or glass table tops can be placed along side your trash container as a large item. Please wrap your glass item in heavy, strong tape or enclose the entire item in cardboard, an old throw-away blanket, tarp or similar material, then wrap additional tape around the outside of the packaging.  If the glass is broken, please carefully remove any loose pieces and place the broken glass in a cardboard box, seal up and label the box "glass" and set next to your cart. Granger appreciates the extra effort and it ensures the safety of their drivers.

Seasonal Yard Waste Collection: Weekly collection, every Wednesday from the first Wednesday in April to the last Wednesday in November.  You may use your own container (marked with an "X") or brown paper compost yard waste bags.

Granger Seasonal Yard Waste Program BEGINS: Wednesday, April 6, 2022.